Now Go Call Your Mom

Mother’s Day. Days like this are the best reminder of just how important and amazing our mothers are in our lives. I am beyond fortunate to have been blessed with the most inspiring mother, who for years, was the living embodiment of love and compassion. Now, she’s out there somewhere above navigating the stars, making each of them glow deeper, encouraging the universe to be a little less daunting and much more welcoming. Hell, she just may even be re-arranging the constellations so that they shine just a little more brightly each day…she’s that good.
I am beyond fortunate to be blessed with the most amazing and stunning wife and best friend, who day in and day out, I get to see work her magic with our children. She makes them, myself and everyone she meets truly better just by having been in her presence. She’s that once in a lifetime love that effortlessly makes everything she comes into contact with that much better – she leaves things infinitely brighter than when she found them. She truly is a magician and the definition of dynamic. There will never be another quite like her, beautiful beyond measure in every way, poetry in motion.
I am beyond fortunate to also be blessed with many strong, intelligent and wonderful women in my life such as my mother-in-law, whose compassion and kindness rivals that of any saint and she is truly a godsend to our children; my sister, whose strength and independence is an inspiration to myself, her family, her daughters and everyone she meets daily; my sister-in-law, whose intelligence and grace is infectious and admirable; my cousins, ma mere (grandma), my aunties and many friends, who are all in their own unique way, trailblazers and the cornerstone of their families. Pillars of strength and the foundation of the family unit.
So, with Mother’s Day weekend upon us, here are some simple lessons I’ve learned over time:
– Never ever take your mother for granted, as there will come a day when she is not there. Remind her every chance you get, that you share a connection unlike any other. A bond that cannot be described, cherish that, honour that.
– Call your mother every day. Sure texting/messaging is fine, but pick up the phone and hear her voice, or in this day and age, Facetime to see her face. It will comfort you beyond measure.
– Hug your mother and tell her that you love her every time you see her. Embrace each moment as if it were your last, because one day it will be. The mind can be fleeting and the memory can be cutting.
– Study her face. It’s amazing how time can erode a memory. Make an effort to revel in the littlest of experiences with her. You just may find yourself retrieving those thoughts in your darkest times.
– Smile with her, laugh with her. It’s better than any film you’ll ever see, any music you’ll ever hear. Just trust me on this one.
Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate our mom’s and women we hold dearest in our lives. So take the day to celebrate them in the best way you know how; enjoy it! Try if you can, to carry that feeling onward and do something small to honour her each and every day. You’ll never regret it, this I can assure you. Happy Mother’s Day weekend…now go call your mom.

8 thoughts on “Now Go Call Your Mom

  1. My sister Lee and I were talking about your mom today,and you are right, such an inspiration, she and your dad raised some kids.. you’re just like them, full of love and an appreciation for life, with much fondness you wonderful kid..

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  2. I wasn’t sure all of what you were gonna say so I avoided reading until now. ( it’s all to much to think about sometimes). She was a great lady. We all adored her, how could you not…. Love my friend!

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