That Bassline!

That bassline!  That was the exact thought I had back in 2004 when I first put in an album called ‘Hot Fuss’ by a new band called The Killers I had just haphazardly discovered.  After that first track ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ I was all in.  To my surprise the album just kept getting better with each track.  My next thought immediately was…”How the hell is the band name The Killers still available in this day and age?”

History has obviously written itself over the past 15 years with the group still going strong.  I have been a fan of the band in various states over the years and admired the groups ambitions, forward trajectory and of course…that unrivaled Vegas panache.  As a person grows and moves through various stages of life, I have really found myself returning to my old CD collection to listen to albums long forgotten.  I’ve found that in our new digital age of streaming, it’s hard to discover an album that plays front to back.  It seems the industry has shifted towards singles and quick hits to desperately catch the fleeting ears of music streamers.  Attention spans are a lost art, mine included.  I’m in a constant cycle of “next…next…next” on my Spotify account, often unaware that I’m searching for something that truly resonates.

So, I decided to pull out an old CD album I had from years back and that Killers album jumped right out to me.  I have listened to it many times, but I admit it’s been several years.  I had that worry that maybe it wouldn’t stand the test of time for me; as I’ve had other albums that my memory held in such high regard, to find that now, I don’t feel anything for.  Whether the feelings those records evoked are long gone, or my musical tastes have changed or evolved, or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for that type of music on that particular day.  This was not the case here with ‘Hot Fuss’.  Like a teleportation device, I was taken right back to when I had my first listen, the feelings evoked, and…that bassline!



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