That Bassline!

That bassline!  That was the exact thought I had back in 2004 when I first put in an album called ‘Hot Fuss’ by a new band called The Killers I had just haphazardly discovered.  After that first track ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ I was all in.  To my surprise the album just kept […]

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I Guess This Is Growing Up…

Las Vegas.  Its opulence is buoyed by its chameleonic and arguably checkered past, its extravagance tempered by its plastic façade of imitation.  It’s a place that seems to openly enjoy taking the piss out of itself. A somewhat fitting locale for the pop punk veterans Blink-182 to stake its very first, and historic, Las Vegas […]

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Just What to Say

There are those bands or songs that just, for whatever reason, really resonate with a person.  Certain music for me, has the ability to paint a picture in my mind that’s almost superior to a photo album – taking me back to an exact moment in time, where everything in that instance comes alive.  There […]

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