That Bassline!

That bassline!  That was the exact thought I had back in 2004 when I first put in an album called ‘Hot Fuss’ by a new band called The Killers I had just haphazardly discovered.  After that first track ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ I was all in.  To my surprise the album just kept […]

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I Guess This Is Growing Up…

Las Vegas.  Its opulence is buoyed by its chameleonic and arguably checkered past, its extravagance tempered by its plastic façade of imitation.  It’s a place that seems to openly enjoy taking the piss out of itself. A somewhat fitting locale for the pop punk veterans Blink-182 to stake its very first, and historic, Las Vegas […]

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Now Go Call Your Mom

Mother’s Day. Days like this are the best reminder of just how important and amazing our mothers are in our lives. I am beyond fortunate to have been blessed with the most inspiring mother, who for years, was the living embodiment of love and compassion. Now, she’s out there somewhere above navigating the stars, making […]

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Just What to Say

There are those bands or songs that just, for whatever reason, really resonate with a person.  Certain music for me, has the ability to paint a picture in my mind that’s almost superior to a photo album – taking me back to an exact moment in time, where everything in that instance comes alive.  There […]

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Wanda’s Comet

It was a cold and dark late February night two years ago.  A Monday even.  It was just after midnight as I was driving home from a rec hockey game on a lonely Stoney Trail in Calgary.  Only Canadians would pay hundreds of dollars a year to show up at all hours of the night […]

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