Just What to Say

There are those bands or songs that just, for whatever reason, really resonate with a person.  Certain music for me, has the ability to paint a picture in my mind that’s almost superior to a photo album – taking me back to an exact moment in time, where everything in that instance comes alive.  There […]

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Learn to Swim

Allegory.  That was the word that kept coming to mind during Tool’s recent show in Calgary, it’s first since 2006.  The intricate imagery, created by guitarist Adam Jones, was rich in symbolism and danced in symmetry to the bands pulsating, and at times, almost haunting rhythms led by bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey. […]

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California Crossing

It may start in a “Parking Lot”, but the Blink-182 Deluxe Edition of California does anything but stall.  The double album from the punk trio is as expansive as the state itself, of which the record is named after.  Upon first listen, the 11 new tracks embark upon a more decidedly layered direction than its […]

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